L’Isola Production

We love the work we do, as i am quite sure all of us, because this is an amazing businnes that can bring us on top of the dolomites  mountains on board of an helicpoter, or side by side with a football star, or on top of a hill in sicily where a greek temple stands … and sure it always ends up in a nice restaurant with a good bottle of wine!

So this is why we think that the best way to approach our businnes is with a great attention to budget, organization and creativity , but also we think is important the attitude we put on our way of work, so trying to face all problems and solution with a smile on our face and enjoyng  the most you can of the italian experience.Being either a small viral or a big production, it does not matter, our approach and attitude will be always the same.


He is the Founder of l’isola which opened in 1990 , and sure started his career as a p.a, and i guess as most of us, in the italian feature industry, then he continued his career between the feature world and commercials.

Actually he is one of the most successful producers in the Italian film industry. Most of the features he recently managed received several Italian awards .

It must be said that in the summer of 2012 he co produced thorough our partner “lumiere cinematografica” the last feature of Susanne Bier with Zentropia, “love is all you need”, shot in the amalfi coast and played by Pierce Brosnan.